Here is what some of our volunteers say about their stay with us:

Volunteers on our permaculture farm learn about traditional Thai farming techniques with natural materials.
Denisa and Milan, Czech Republic

We stayed with Bird almost 10 days and our last day we made a trip to the mountains and to the waterfall. The work doesn´t need special skills – you must be just happy with the work 🙂 We worked from Monday to Saturday, the only day off is Sunday and on Saturday afternoon is free time – after 3 hours working on the farm. At 7:30 is breakfast, from 9 to 12 we worked at the farm and after lunch we had a break. You can just take a rest on the farm, or you can walk to the city to find coffee and wifi (there is no wifi on the farm). And from 4 to 6 we worked again on the farm. The food from Bird´s mom is amazing! We already miss the colourful choices of food 🙂 Bird is extremely friendly, kind and happy person, he loves working out and it was always fun to work with him!

“Thanks Bird for this special opportunity to live and work like a local! We will miss you and your peacefull farm and we are waiting for your visit in Czech republic (we will have a lot of work for you) 🙂 “

I stayed for 9 nights and truly the experience itself was an eye-opener. It was my first hands in rendering help with farming and building a wall for an outdoor shower. I do not have the skills but you will learn from the host (Bird), his kind father who also work in the farm and other volunteers on how to get things done. 

The stay experience was special, there’s no electricity in the showers, WC and accommodation so you learn to live, be close to nature & reflect how primitives live in ancient times. So do bring your headlights! There’s no wifi so you be minimising yourself from the digital era. Only the kitchen has it electricity and power plug.

Bird’s mom is an amazing cook, and always so giving, cheerful and hardworking. On my departure day, though I did not work, she thoughtfully prepared a snack bag for me and another couple to take away. 

Bird is a simple, humble and kind host. He’s easy to work for and with, always try to help whenever when not too tired! : )

I wish him and family fruitfulness as they are a simple and kind family!

Ruby & Rob, United Kingdom

Had the best time here for two weeks! 

Bird is so lovely – he really made us feel so welcome and is always eager to help and talk about the farm and the project. He has an excellent laugh!!!! 

I helped build a clay oven, a stone wall, dig trenches for irrigating vegetable patches, plant seeds, watering trees/beds, look after the beautiful water buffalo!! 

We spent a few nights in the dormitory and then moved into a treehouse in the second week which was lovely. It felt great to be so close to nature every day. 

The work can be physically hard but you have a long break in the middle of the day when it is too hot to work, and it feels good to work up an appetite and then eat the delicious food, nap in hammocks, eat ice cream, go for a walk, and then work again for a few hours in the evening.

I definitely want to return in the future to see the progress of the farm.


Learn all there is to know about Thai permaculture on Bird's farm in Nan province in northern Thailand.
Phil, United Kingdom

I was travelling in the local area when I fortunate to meet Bird, he kindly invited me to stay as a Work Away & I had the best experience possible staying for a week.

The mornings are always gentle unique starts to the day, followed by work according to abilities. 

I was helping collect wood & bamboo from the forest for building projects.

Assisted taking the buffalo’s to the fields to plough ready for rice planting. 

The whole stay was perfect for me learning how to use local materials for construction purposes. 

Bird also took me & other w/aways to town regularly & also showed us local places of interest.

Mealtimes & food was always a great pleasure.

I am planning my return already.

Timber! You get to do everything as a volunteer on our permaculture farm, from gathering wood to cooking organic meals.
Lukas, Germany

Bird is a very cool guy and a very good host. He‘s funny, cares about his volunteers and takes you with him to places, e. g. family/cultural events, his family is also very hospitable. You get very good food, too. Everything is quite basic but it‘s a nice place to be in its own way. 

Picking fruit from the organic garden on our permaculture farm in Nan northern Thailand is fun !
Permala, Malaysia

This was my first Work Away experience and I could not have asked for a better one. Initially, I had planned to stay for 1 week but it didn’t take me long to feel that I was in a very special place. So I stayed an extra day….and another…..and another….2 weeks later I had to leave to catch my flight but I have never really let go of this place. Bird is a wonderfully kind, caring and genuine person who really wants his volunteers to have a good experience. He tries his best to make work enjoyable (with music, ice creams! and lots of laughter) and whenever possible to take his volunteers for local events and places. Bird’s mom (Khun Rai Yannan!!!!) is an amazing cook and will quickly become your mom too! She is truly a lovely person who cares and will teach you about local customs. Bird’s father is a wealth of knowledge and will always try to teach volunteers whenever he can despite the language barrier. 

We did all sorts of different work – watering the garden, weeding, digging holes, planting, building, plucking chilli, taking the buffalos to and from the river, chasing birds from the paddy 🙂 :). It can be hard work some days but what a lovely environment to work in as Bird approaches work as something to be enjoyed rather than something to finish. It completely changed how I viewed things I found burdensome. 

I was lucky enough to be here during Songkran, it was an absolute blast. Bird (and his mom) took us for local parties, and lots of fun events with his friends including waterfall trips, lots of eating and coffeeeee (Bird was very nice to help me cope with my coffee addiction).

The farm really is special with mountains all around, you wake up to Buddhist temple bells, it has a river right by the cabins and a spring to collect drinking water from. Thanks Bird, I can’t wait to come back!

Hey everyone !

I stayed about two weeks in this workaway and its was a really cool experience, the location is really cool, there is no tourists at all but steel beautiful canyon and rice fields. the work was for me the construction of the farm, the toilets, and showers it was not hard work, and it was really interesting. The food was amazing there !!! real Thai food every day cooked by bird’s mum. you will never get bored. 

And finally, Bird is a really cool dud with a beautiful project in the head, it’s gonna be awesome !! 

Thanks Bird 

Great work !!

Volunteer at our permaculture farm and experience local Thai cultural events!
Alice, United Kingdom

Thank you so much Bird, myself and my travelling buddy (Izzy) had such a wonderful time with you and your family on the farm. Was involved in many cultural experiences. Pua is a lovely town and away from tourists so felt we got a proper taste of Thailand! We were there for two weeks working on general maintenance and help digging out the water channels. The farm is in a beautiful location, beautiful scenery all around, very peaceful. Bird is an amazing soul, and has a very exciting project in hand! Thank you thank you thank you! Diggy Stick duo.

No buffalos in Britain, so Sunshine came to discover Thai permaculture farming here in Nan northern Thailand.
Sunshine, United Kingdom

Just through the emails, I could feel that Bird was authentic and genuine. Here he is trying to create something wonderful, re-connecting people to nature. It is a beautiful project that I was lucky enough to be part of, it was so delightful I ended up staying for a full month. Living in a treehouse, cooking, building, and sharing with his family is all part of the experience. His wonderful Mother will cook the most delicious meals for you and with the laid back vibe and chilled atmosphere in which Bird creates, you can understand wanting to stay longer. Early mornings to miss the midday heat, getting all sorts of group projects completed is all part of it. You can learn volumes from his Dad.. all whilst being immersed in the surroundings, nature simply does the rest. Thanks Bird for looking after me, smiling, and sharing life with me! My home is your home, Brother. 

Peace and Love.

This experience with Bird was just amazing! I stayed for 1 week and I wish I could stay longer …! It was so nice to work in such a good atmosphere and in a so beautiful area. I learned so many things about farming, the construction, and the food also! Bird is a really nice person and I really hope to come back one time to see all the progress of his farm! 

Thank you for everything, and keep your good vibes!


Wow! What to say about Bird and his farm. It was such a lovely experience to live in nature and eat real Thai vegetarian food with great people and enjoy good conversation and relaxation time.

We worked hard in the day time digging or collecting materials for Birds new farm project. But Bird is a great host and was not putting pressure on us. It’s no rush!

We enjoyed visiting the local markets and seeing local authentic Thailand. every week is the ‘party’ we have a bonfire and cook lots of treats! I played lots of music here and we had some excellent moments!

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your project!

See you soon… Josh.

Caliche came all the way from Colombia to visit our permaculture farm.
Caliche, Colombia

“Amazing and calm place with full of nature. Perfect for relaxing and rest. The owner is an amazing guy and super friendly, also the vegetarian full was incredible.”

On our permaculture organic farm, we had volunteers come from United States of America like Jason.
Jason, United States

I had an amazing time during my week-long stay on the farm with Bird and his family!

I live in Chiang Mai and met Bird at an ecovillage in Northeast Thailand. He invited me to stay on his farm and made the trip over a year later.

I’m so impressed at what he’s built in such a small amount of time. He has simple yet comfortable accommodation with a small mattress in a hut on the rice field.

He had plenty of activities with hiking, riding buffalo, steam sauna, and more.

I highly recommended visiting if you’re looking for a beautiful escape from the city – and simpler living.

A volunteer came to our permaculture farm from Japan.
Emiko, Japan

Thank you very much Bird for a wonderful time and your hospitality. I had such an amazing 10 days in this beautiful place. Bird and his parents are so welcoming and the farm is so peaceful. It’s good to learn the real Thailand traditional lifestyle and buffalo farming method. 
Pua is a beautiful place, and his farm is so peaceful. He has three lovely buffalo and will be another one coming soon!! I love this beautiful place, and wasn’t enough just for 10 days! His mother cooks the best Thai dish and their sticky rice is the best!! 
If you are a nature lover and love living a simple life, this is the place to come and learn. 
Thanks again Bird and I will definitely come back again. Good luck for your next project!!