Thai herbal sauna

24 August 2019

Thai herbal sauna is one of the relaxing activities that people like to do after a long day of work. It not only helps to relax the body but also relieves pains and aches. Traditionally, the sauna room includes a hot boiling herbs pot. The steam from the herbs pot rises up inside the sauna room, opening up the skin pores, thus allowing the herbs to be absorbed to benefit the body system. Sweating in the traditional Thai herbal sauna room helps detoxify from the toxic agents that accumulate in our body. Back in the day, women would go for steam sessions after giving birth to restore the system and maintain healthy skin. But nowadays, Thai herbal sauna is widely known as beneficial to everyone.

Steam from boiled organic plants and herbs rises up through the ground for a herbal steam bath.
Our organic permaculture farm provides the ingredients for a detoxifying traditional steam bath.

At our permaculture farm, we have a DIY Thai herbal sauna room which we made from the materials we found in our community. We built the walls from bamboo, made the pot from clay, and use firewood as the fuel to boil the pot. Some herbs that we use we gather from the forest near our village and others are planted in our garden. Each type of herb has different properties such as the herbs with a sour taste will help clean up the dead skin and kill germs, the herbs that have a good scent will help relax our mind, and some even help reduce inflammation. This amazing inherited knowledge deserves to be preserved and passed onto the next generation.

On my permaculture farm, I grow various herbs organically. As part of the activities of gathering plants and tending to the herb garden, I will explain how they are used traditionally for medicinal purposes in the treatment of animals and humans alike, as well as for cooking as spices and to add flavour.

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