Natural spring

24 August 2019

Nature conservation is the main purpose of our community. So, we try to live our everyday life by not disturbing nature. If you go for a walk around our area, you will see that we have many sources of fresh water such as streams, creeks, swamps, etc. This water runs from the same source as the natural spring in the forest surrounds our village. 

The natural spring near our farm in Nan Province northern Thailand is certified healthy for consumption.

​The fertile forest increases humidity in the air and creates rain. Then rainwater permeates through the surface of the soil and is collected in the aquifers underground. Springs occur when water pressure causes a natural flow of underground water up to the earth’s surface, this forms the bed of a stream, lake, or sea. To sum it up, the forest is at the origin of the water that nurtures every lifeform in this world.

Natural spring water is at the source of our health as we use it in washing, cooking, drink and to survive.

​In the past, natural springs were the main source of fresh water for human consumption because it was purer and cleaner than other sources. However, nowadays natural springs are rarely found in the forest because they have dried up from over-consumption. So to replace this source, people built water-wells to collect fresh water from the underground. 

​Thankfully, because of our way the way our community lives, we still have a natural spring close to the farm. This spring was inspected by the Department of Water Resources and confirmed as safe to drink and for consumption. We love to take our guests there to drink up the purest natural water and one of our achievements in creating an eco-friendly community.

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