Authentic Thai Food

24 August 2019

Nowadays our everyday lives are a lot more convenient than in the old days. We have invented many types of equipment to ease our routine. Even our food, we can grab a lunch box from the convenience store which is quick and cheap. Pre-cooked meals can be bought from fast-food restaurants in only 5 minutes. We don’t even have to go out anywhere because we can just order and get delivered right to our doorstep. When we want to cook, we head to the supermarket where we can find every ingredient we need. 

​However, development comes with regression. Every one of our actions affects our planet and not in a good way. We can no longer refute that we are the main cause of climate change and global warming. While we keep on making our lives easier, we are at the same time slowly destroying our planet. Why not face this reality head-on and make some changes? Why not cooperate to restore it? We believe the easiest way to achieve this is by changing our lifestyle, behaviour and mindset to live peacefully in harmony with nature. 

The organic vegetable garden on our permaculture farm provides the ingredients for our Authentic Thai Food course.

​In the past, people’s everyday routine may have been more difficult, because they didn’t have the hi-technology tools we do now, but they led a simpler nature-friendly life. We can see this through one of our basic needs: food. Back then, most of the ingredients came from the woods nearby. The villagers picked mushrooms, collected bamboo shoots, gathered wild vegetables and herbs. They also planted other types of vegetables in their garden without the help of any chemical products. Their self-sufficient lifestyle meant that supermarket and grocery stores were not needed, for the simple reason that the food they produced themselves was fresh, safe and healthy. 

​Another lesson from the past on kindness, sharing, and self-reliance were the way villagers tended to their fences. They grew edible ivy on around their house, like string bean and ivy gourd. They also decorated their fences by planting vegetables and herbs alongside them. House owners would let anyone pick vegetables off the fence for free, creating a deep sense of community. When their garden’s production exceeded their needs, they would sell it in the village fresh market. This is the heritage of authentic Thai food.

​The simple and beautiful lifestyle of the past inspired us to create our Authentic Thai Food course to take you back a few centuries to experience the original Thai cooking process. We will teach you to cook vegetarian food by using the ingredients from our 100% organic garden. We wanted to provide a time and place for our guests to have fun cooking their own delicious Thai food in a safe, healthy, and nature-friendly way.

We created our Authentic Thai Food course to teach you how to cook organic vegetarian nature friendly meals.
Cooking safe and healthy Authentic Thai Food reconnects us with the past and a lifestyle closer to nature.

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