Traditional Thai Massage

9 January 2018
In our village in Nan province Thai massage in inherited from past generations.

In the past, agriculture was the main occupation for people who lived in the countryside. They had to spend all day outdoors under the strong sunshine and used all their energy to get the job done. After a long day of hard work, they would go back home to spend time with their family. They talked about their day over a delicious and nutritious dinner, drank original home-made vodka and had the kids massaging their sore bodies. Since those times, Thai massage has been developed towards medical use with specific treatment procedures.

​Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to loosen up joints providing relaxation and restoring healthy blood pressure. It also stimulates other systems in our body such as the lymphatic system, circulatory system and excretory system which help balance the body and its functions. Moreover, Thai massage techniques are intended to help lower stress and help fall into a meditative state. The therapist’s every movement and Thai herbal scent are designed to put the mind in a state of full relaxation.

Thai massage attracts many young Thais who have moved back to Nan Province.
We offer Thai massage as a way to maintain this beautiful heritage from our culture.

​Time flies and lifestyles have changed. Many people from the countryside left to seek out jobs in the big city in the hope to make a better income. However, the same people also face a very high cost of living, bad traffic, air pollution, and especially being away from their family. Therefore, many people including the new generation have moved back to their hometown after realized that being home is more convenient and enjoyable. That is why nowadays an increasing amount of young people are interested in learning Thai massage. Because Thai massage is not only used within the family but also leads to a good income for the family and the community. 

Join us for a Thai massage in Pua village in Nan Province northern Thailand and participate in keeping this tradition alive.

​We have inherited the traditional skill from the elderly who have been doing Thai massage for a long time. We’re trying our best to maintain this valuable knowledge and pass it onto the next generation. Getting Thai massage from us will not only help you relieve pains and aches but also support the preservation of this beautiful part of our culture as well.

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